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Jaq's stuff

This is for my stuff.

20 June
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this is where i post stuff when i'm drunk, which is more often than you'd think. at least if you didn't think i like to drink. of course if you thought that, you must not know me very well. cause let me tell you, i enjoy me some whiskey.

This is a chemical burn. It will
hurt more than you've ever been
burned and you will have a scar.
Look at your hand. Come back to the pain. Don't shut
this out.
The first soap was made from the
ashes of heroes. Like the first
monkeys shot into space.
Without sacrifice, without death, we
would have nothing.
Stop it. This is your pain -- your
burning hand. It's right here. Look
at it.
Don't deal with this the way those
dead people do. Deal with it the way
a living person does.
No, what you're feeling is premature
This is the greatest moment of your
Life man, and you're off somewhere,
missing it.
Shut up. Our fathers were our models
for God. And, if our fathers bailed,
what does that tell you about God?
Listen to me. You have to consider
the possibility that God doesn't like
you, he never wanted you. In all
probability, He hates you. This is
not the worst thing that can happen...
We don't need him...
Fuck damnation. Fuck redemption. We
are God's unwanted children,with no
special place and no special
attention, and so be it.
You can go to the sink and run water
over your hand and make it worse, or,
Look at me. Or you
can use vinegar to neutralize the
burn, but first you have to give up.
First, you have to know, not fear, know, that someday,
you are going to die.
Its only after we’ve lost everything,
That we’re free to do anything
Congratulations. You're a step
closer to hitting bottom.

I see in fight club the strongest and
smartest men who have ever lived --
an entire generation pumping gas and
waiting tables; or they're slaves
with white collars.
Advertisements have them chasing cars
and clothes, working jobs they hate
so they can buy shit they don't need.
We are the middle children of
history, with no purpose or place.
We have no great war, or great
depression. The great war is a
spiritual war. The great depression
is our lives. We were raised by
television to believe that we'd be
millionaires and movie gods and rock
stars -- but we won't. And we're
learning that fact. And we're very,
very pissed-off.